Earthquake Boy

Kiki Joachin

One of the most heart-warming moments of the Haiti earthquake was when seven year old Kiki Joachin was pulled alive from the rubble and threw his arms into the air in a gesture of pure joy at being alive. We know that whilst Kiki and his sister survived, they had to endure laying next to the corpse of their three year old brother Titite for days. Today although there is still some joy at being alive, the family home was destroyed in the quake and the family was living for a while outdoors on land near the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. Despite the world wide attention, Kiki Joachin and his family have received no help and are currently struggling for the basic necessities of life.

The Haiti earthquake boy who stole the world's hearts has now restarted school at Ecole Renovation, near the southern town of Jacmel, after the family left the capital of Haiti to live with relatives. Whilst not a keen student "I am not very good at school" Kiki states that "I like maths and counting. I want to be a mechanic and drive trucks. I want to see Haiti." His teacher Alexandra St-Fort reports "He is slowly talking more, learning more. It will take a long time - but just being in the class is a first step. He likes playing with a toy truck and a kite he made himself from a plastic bag."

Kiki Joachin Home

Kiki Joachin, his immediate family and other family members are now living in this shack (above) following the earthquake that destroyed their home. He has not returned to the scene of where he was trapped following the earthquake for so long. It says enough about the rebuilding efforts in Haiti that for well over a year the bodies of his dead siblings remained in untouched rubble. The seven year old Haiti earthquake survivor boy, Kiki Joachin, has now returned to school, but memories of the earthquake still run deep and he still lives in poverty whilst a photographer cashes in. Consider sponsoring a child like Kiki through child sponsorship programs. For the price of a daily newspaper, you can transform their lives for ever.

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