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Sudan, with its population of around 34 million is situated in north-east Africa and is bordered to its north by Egypt, the Red Sea to its north-east, Eritrea and Ethiopia to its east, Kenya and Uganda to its south-east, South Sudan to its south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic to its south-west, Chad to its west and Libya to its north-west. Both before and after its independence from the UK in 1956 there has been ongoing conflict between the dominant Islamic north and the black African Christian South. This conflict nominally ended with the secession of South Sudan as an independent country in 2011 however the situation is still very delicate with a current impasse over oil revenues and fees for transport of South Sudan's oil through Sudan itself to the sea ports.

The war in Sudan displaced over two million people, resulted in the deaths of upward of 400,000 people and had Sudan's President President Omar al-Bashir indicted for war crimes. Today Sudan is in 169th place out of 187 countries and territories in 2011 when ranked in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country with a life expectancy of 61.5yrs. 46.5% of the population live below the poverty line and 80% of the population seeks out a living on the land although just 6.7% of it is arable.

Nearly one in ten children in Sudan is an orphan, most live in poverty, droughts have led to harvest failures so food is scarce, around four million of the population have been displaced by internal war and an estimated million killed in those conflicts. There is only one trained doctor for every 100,000 people, more than half of all children in Sudan don't attend school so will struggle to find employment in a country where unemployment rates are high and where a quarter of a million people are living in refugee camps along the Chad border. Child sponsor programs in Sudan work with orphaned and abandoned children, providing food supplies to severely malnourished children, developing water projects, education projects and providing seeds and tools as well as aiding those in refugee camps. You can help when you sponsor a child in Sudan.

Child Sponsor Programs Sudan:

SOS Children
Child Sponsor Sudan: SOS Children's Villages

With SOS Children, you can help orphaned and abandoned children by sponsoring a child.



Child Sponsor Sudan: Plan

With Plan you form a unique connection with a named child and their family in Sudan.

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Boys' Hope Centre
Child Sponsor Sudan: Boys' Hope Centre

Sponsor a street or underprivileged child at the Boy's Hope Centre near to Khartoum.

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Kids Alive
Child Sponsor Sudan: Kids Alive

Working to save street children in Sudan where an estimated 10% of children are orphans.

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Children's Lives

Info, facts and figures about
children in Sudan and the
challenges they face.

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Child Soldiers

A video documentary about child soldiers in Sudan including facts and figures and their lives there.

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South Sudan

Become a sponsor for a child in South Sudan by checking out these child sponsor programs.

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As well as sponsoring a child why not explore volunteering opportunities in Sudan?

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