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When South Sudan voted to become independent from Sudan it appeared to herald the beginning of a bright new future. The largely Christian south, always overshadowed, overlooked and often exploited by its much larger and aggressive "neighbour" Sudan looked set to be a welcome addition to the international community of democratic states. Now just a few years on, the country has effectively failed with civil war raging between hostile factions vying for power against a backdrop of food insecurity, a collapsing economy and worldwide appeals to raise funds to prevent thousands of children and their families dying. Those appeals are going on now, to prevent dying now.

Its a conflict that since the end of December 2013 has seen tens of thousands killed and over a one million displaced with over a third of a million living as refugees in neighbouring countries. They now have no means to support themselves and it is estimated that some 200,000 children are suffering from malnutrition whilst a further seven million will starve unless there is an international response to the crisis. In normal circumstances child sponsor programs in South Sudan work with orphaned and abandoned children, providing food supplies to severely malnourished children, developing water projects, education projects and providing seeds and tools as well as aiding those in refugee camps. Today, however the crisis is at such a level that we ask that as well as considering sponsoring an individual child, you consider making a donation to save the lives of many. You can do so through UNICEF here.

Child Sponsor Programs South Sudan:

SOS Children
Child Sponsor South Sudan: SOS Children's Villages

With SOS Children, you can help orphaned and abandoned children by sponsoring a child.



Child Sponsor South Sudan: Plan

With Plan you form a unique connection with a named child and their family in Sudan.

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Sponsor a Child South Sudan: Iris

Sponsor a child in South Sudan each month and help care for the needs of the next generation.

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Seeds of...
Seeds of South Sudan

Seeds of Sudan believes in building sustainable futures through education and needs sponsors.

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Children's Lives

Info, facts and figures about
children in Sudan and the
challenges they face.

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Child Soldiers

A video documentary about child soldiers in Sudan including facts and figures and their lives there.

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Sponsor Sudan

Child Sponsor Sudan

Details of how to sponsor a
child Sudan with Sudanese child
sponsor programs.

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As well as sponsoring a child why not explore volunteering opportunities in South Sudan?

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