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Rwanda with its population of just under eleven million is situated just south of the Equator, and is bordered by Uganda to its north, Tanzania to its east, Burundi to its south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to its west. It gained independence from Belgium in 1962 amid simmering tensions between its mainly Hutu and Tutsi populations that erupted into a full scale genocide in 1994 killing over a million of its citizens including three out of every four Tutsi, including women and children. A recent UNICEF study finding that 96% of children interviewed in Rwanda had witnessed the massacres and 80% of all children had lost at least one family member. Tens of thousands fled the country for safety and even today thousands remain in the Democratic Republic of Congo with ongoing conflict around the border area.

Today the country is healing but remains in 167th place out of 186 countries and territories in 2013 when ranked in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country with 65% of all rural Rwandans living on or below the poverty line with a life expectancy of 55yrs. 45% percent of children under 5 are malnourished and suffer from stunting due to food insecurity. The genocide in Rwanda left around one hundred thousand children working on the land to achieve some form of living without adults around them to guide and assist or free them up so they can attend any form of education, so vital to their future and it is estimated that one out of every five children in Rwanda is either an orphan or has been abandoned, one of the world's highest percentages of orphans. Compounding this is the half million girls who were systematically raped pushing up levels of AIDS infection cascading down to their infected newborns. Child sponsor programs in Rwanda work with orphaned or abandoned children, promoting access to education in a country which has one of the lowest secondary education attendance in the world, addressing food insecurity and safe water issues as well as addressing the deep psychological issues of children 60% of whom state that they do not care if they ever grew up because of the traumas of the genocide past. You can make a difference when you sponsor a child in Rwanda.

Child Sponsor Programs Rwanda:

SOS Children

With SOS Children, you can help orphaned and abandoned children by sponsoring a child.

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A child sponsor program where you can exchange cards, letters and photos with your sponsored child.

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Your sponsorship will ensure a child has enough to eat, a safe place to live and attend school.

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With Plan you form a unique connection with a named child and their family in Rwanda.

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Rwanda Restored

Child Sponsor Rwanda: Rwanda Restored

Sponsor an orphan in Rwanda who would otherwise be unable to attend school.


Child Sponsor Rwanda: Compassion

Sponsor a child in Rwanda with Compassion and help, feed, educate and provide medical care.

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YEGO Rwanda
Child Sponsor Rwanda: YEGO Rwanda

Sponsors will receive updates on the children they have chosen to sponsor & can write.

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Your Project Here
Child Sponsor Directory

List your child sponsor in Rwanda project here for free by filling out this quick form and get listed!

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Rwanda Children

Info, facts and figures about
children in Rwanda and the
challenges they face.

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Street Children

Information about the growing crisis
of street children in Africa escaping poverty and violence.

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African Children News

All the latest news about children in Africa, their circumstances, children's right developments and legal issues.

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As well as sponsoring a child why not explore volunteering opportunities in Rwanda?

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