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Mauritania, or to give it is full title, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, named after the Roman province of Mauretania, is situated in north-east Africa and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to its west, by the Western Sahara to its north, by Algeria to its north-east, by Mali to its east and south-east and by Senegal to its south-west. It spans three cultures with Arabs to the north, black Africans to the south and many nomads living in the large desert expanse that makes up 40% of the country with a further 30% semi-desert.

Mauritania is in 161st place out of 186 countries and territories in 2013 when ranked in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country. The past few years have seen droughts across Mauritania with many men and boys abandoning the land and their families in search of work elsewhere.

With a life expectancy of some 53ys and with a population literacy rate of 51%, poverty is a major issue in Mauritania with most children just eating once a day. Over one hundred and nine children die before their fifth birthday out of every thousand compared with just three in say a country like Spain.

Part of this is because only 53% of the child population has access to safe water supplies. Locusts also plague the area, often wiping out entire harvests sending food prices rocketing in a country dependent on subsistence farming with its fishing industry in decline due to over exploitation.

Mauritania hopes to improve its economy through oil production after the first oil fields started operating in 2006, however, to date, this remains under developed.

Child sponsor programs undertaken by agencies in Mauritania focus on the provision of water supplies and health care together working with farmers to develop sustainable farming techniques that can maximise crop yields. You can make a difference when you sponsor a child in Mauritania.

If you work with children in Mauritania tell us about your work here.


Child Sponsor Mauritania

Child Sponsor Mauritania

Child Sponsor Mauritania

Child Sponsor Mauritania



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Child Sponsor Mauritania

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