Child Sponsor Liberia

Child Sponsor Liberia

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Liberia, with its population of some three and a half million people, epitomises the failure of an independent state. It is as though everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and, once again, it is the people who are denied a meaningful existence or future due to the greed and authoritarianism of its rulers, all the more ironic as Liberia was founded by former American and Caribbean slaves seeking a new free way of life.

Today Liberia reflects on a fourteen year long civil war in which 250,000 lives were lost, its infrastructure destroyed, 83.7% of its population living below the recognised poverty threshold and 111 out of every 1000 children dying before their fifth birthday. Life expectancy overall is just 45 years and employment is just 15% of the population, the world's third highest unemployment rate.

As such Liberia is in 174th place out of 186 countries and territories in 2013 when ranked in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country. Healthcare is also a cause of concern for children in Liberia with just 40 doctors and 50 nurse midwives for its entire population.

There are some 1,878,000 children living in Liberia, with an astonishing 340,000 of them orphaned during the Liberia civil war or by AIDS. All teenage children living in Liberia today were effected by the civil war. 87% had seen a family member killed, 60% had seen other children beaten to death whilst 84% reported that they had experienced being "surrounded by, lying underneath or stepping on" dead bodies. As one girl reminisced "When I close my eyes, all I can see is the war. I often think about taking my own life."

Many children in Liberia who were used as child soldiers ended up on the streets after the war ended with no families or homes to return to, and during one recent exercise to assess the extent of street children, one child as young as four was found.

Child sponsor programs in Liberia focus on access to safe water, health and education resources as well as caring for orphaned or abandoned children and rehabilitating former child soldiers.

You can help when you sponsor a child in Liberia.



SOS Children

Child Sponsor Liberia SOS Children's Villages

With SOS Children, you can help orphaned and abandoned children by sponsoring a child.
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Franciscan Works

Child Sponsor Liberia: Franciscan Works

Sponsor a child at the Liberia Mission and the child who you are sponsoring will write to you twice a year.
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Serve the Children

Child Sponsor Liberia: Serve the Children

Sponsor with this program and get the opportunity to correspond and exchange small gifts with your child.
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Liberia Children

Liberia Children

Life for children in Liberia is tough with poverty rampant and a background of conflict.
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Child Sponsor Liberia

Child Sponsor Liberia

There are also some other charities who work with children in Liberia. If you work with children in Liberia tell us about your work here.


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