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The Gambia is one of Africa's smallest countries, completely encircled by Senegal apart from its coastline, and is one of the poorest countries on the continent with poorly developed health and education systems. The Gambia is in 168th place out of 187 countries and territories in 2011 when ranked in terms of life expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and the living standards of a country. It has a small population of just 1.5 million with a life expectancy of around 55 years, over half of whom (rising to 68% in rural areas) live in poverty coping on less than £400 per year given most are involved in agriculture and only one sixth of its landmass is arable with poor soil making it only suitable for its one main produce, peanuts.

As such, the country is heavily dependent of foreign aid and hopes that it can rebalance its economy with oil have, to date, proved fruitless as none has been struck. Matters have been compounded of late with drought in the area together with flash flooding making access to safe water increasingly difficult. Access to education is also a major issue for children in the Gambia, for whilst secondary education is free, most secondary schools will not accept children who have not had a primary education, and that is not free and beyond the means of many Gambian families.

This is reflected in its literacy rate, just 50% overall dropping to just over 40% for females not least because only 39% of children in the Gambia go to secondary school. Child sponsor programs in the Gambia focus on installing wells and water pumps, access to health and education, including the building and kitting out of schools and providing poorer children with books and uniforms, providing mosquito nets and vaccinating children from infectious diseases such as malaria. Other work includes caring for the 72,000 child orphans out of a total child population of 811,000 in the country.

You can help when your sponsor a child in the Gambia.

Child Sponsor Programs Gambia:

SOS Children

With SOS Children, you can help orphaned and abandoned children by sponsoring a child.

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Gambia Reality

Each sponsor of a school child in Brikama will receive their chosen child's personal details and photo.

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Sponsor a child and help pay for their food and education in the Gambia's poorest areas.

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Gambian Child

Your sponsorship will help fund the education of one of the most needy children in Brikama, Gambia.

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Lisa Kent Trust
Sponsor a Child: Lisa Kent Trust

You will be sent pictures drawn by the child and annual school reports when
the child is older.


Sponsor a Child: Gambia Education & Teaching Support

When you sponsor a child with GETS
you secure their future by delivering
a good education.

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Sponsor a Child: Gambia Education & Teaching Support

Establish a personal relationship with an exchange of letters, drawings and photographs.

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Child Sponsor Directory

List your child sponsor in Gambia project here for free by filling out this quick form and get listed!

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Get Listed!

Get your Gambian child sponsor
program listed in this online African child sponsor directory for free!

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Street Children

Information about the growing crisis
of street children in Africa escaping poverty and violence.

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African Children News

All the latest news about children in Africa, their circumstances, children's right developments and legal issues.

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As well as sponsoring a child why not explore volunteering opportunities in the Gambia?

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